Martin Wall, 3D artist

Thatched house

Some time ago I had the idea creating the house I'd like to live in if I was a millionaire.

Being neither an architect nor a millionaire at all I didn't care too much about limitations like statics a.s.o. I defined only two rules:

I planned to take the project quite serious - that means I should be able to imagine myself spending the next decades there; so I spent some time analyzing my wishes and ideas. Funny enough the result wasn't something super-modernistic somewhere near the Caribbean sea... I'd rather prefer something old fashioned located in the northern part of Germany. Could be an old barn, not too far away from North Sea or Baltic Sea... having some red bricks, timber frames and a thatched roof to fit in the landscape. And - of course - being surrounded by a lot of greenery.

To keep my privacy I added a quite massive planted wall around the estate, but unfortunately didn't like the result - it gave me a feeling of living in jail.

Some time later I had the idea of including my own part of beach (remember: money doesn't count). At the moment the house is located on top of some cliff line; the place is now open at beach side, and I feel much more comfortable.
(I'll have to think that over - as far as I know this kind of landscape doesn't exist in East Frisia, which I would prefer.)

Of course the project is far from being finished... I'll add details as the come into my mind, and I guess I'll have to do some bigger changes in the future as well. But who cares? This is never gonna be reality, so I have all the time in the world.

At the moment the house is completely empty - I didn't feel the necessity to make up my mind about furniture yet.

You may just re-visit this site from time to time; watch the project grow.


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